Bounty Program Terms

Bitcointalk Signature Campaign

We are running a signature campaign bounty on Participants will be manually assigned WWAM tokens every 10 days before and during the ICO.

Rates are depending on your bitcointalk rank :

* 1000 mWWAM = 0.005 ETH

Before participating into the signature campaign, please acknowledge the following terms and conditions:

  • You need a minimum of 10 posts a week. Posts must be constructive, and in English speaking crypto-currencies related sections.
  • You will not change your signature during the campaign.
  • Your rank is fixed at the time you apply.
  • No trash-talking, whether it's in WWAM thread or not. Only respectful users will be rewarded.
  • Tokens issued for the bounty campaign can be revoked. Any infraction to the aforementioned rules above will result in a revocation of your bounty tokens.

To participate in the signature campaign, follow the link in the above list corresponding to your bitcointalk rank and use the pastebin code as your signature. Then send us an e-mail at with the following : "I have read and agreed on the WWAM signature campaign terms and condition. My Ethereum address for receiving my WWAM tokens is : -Insert ETH address here-" Make sure your signature is up to date before posting in the thread. Your participation will be registered soon after, and you will be able to check your status and your next payout on our public Google Docs signature campaign spreadsheet.

Translation and Moderation

We are offering bounties for members willing to translate the announcement thread in specific languages sub-forums. The translation must be well-made, google translate or any other poor translation won't be accepted. You must agree to moderate and keep the thread active. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to mentioning your previous work, and which language you want to apply to. The bounty is fixed at 50,000 mWWAM for translating, posting and moderating the thread. Any infraction to the aforementioned rules above will result in a revocation of your bounty tokens. A public Google Docs spreadsheet is available to keep track of the translation and moderation bounties.

Blogging, articles and social media

If you're a writter,crypto-currency news blog or site owner, or even a part of a crypto-currency community on any social media you can be rewarded for spreading the world about WWAM. Every bounty for that kind of job will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Contact us by email at, providing all the necessary details.